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A Writing That Book membership meets the needs of nonfiction authors at any stage

If you’re an aspiring nonfiction author wanting to reach a wider audience within your area of expertise, you’ll find what you're looking for with a WTB membership. If you’re an accomplished nonfiction author seeking new ways to connect and collaborate with other authors as you grow your business, you’ll find that at WTB.

Writing That Book offers the support and guidance to get that first book written and published

If you're a service professional--a coach, speaker, healer, trainer, realtor, or any expert in your field--you know writing a book will boost your credibility, visibility, and profitability. You realize you need guidance to get that first book written and published, and that's what WTB offers.

Writing That Book enables you to connect with a vibrant community of authors

If you’re a published nonfiction author wanting to meet other authors to overcome the isolation of writing and to connect and collaborate with others. The monthly Collaborative Conversations and the member forum are two opportunities to find beta readers, accountability partners, and those with whom you might want to collaborate. 

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Browse through articles, interviews, videos, and more to continue learning about nonfiction book writing and publishing.



Find an assortment of books to guide you on your nonfiction book writing and publishing process.


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Enroll in courses and workshops, both live and on-demand, to stay up to date on nonfiction writing. Members receive a discount.

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Get all your questions answered about nonfiction book writing and publishing...and more!

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Weekly Writing Sessions

Join weekly writing sessions so you have the space and time start or finish writing that book!


Collaborative Conversations

Meet other authors to find beta readers, reviewers, partners, support...and so much more!

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Become a member of Writing That Book today and embark upon a transformative journey with rewarding results. Whether you’re writing your first book or expanding your author experience, the WTB community is a valuable resource to meet your needs. It's the ideal platform to enhance your writing and business careers. Let WTB be your trusted partner as you begin or continue your writing journey to impact your life and those of your readers.